My Kitty Loves Water

Boo Radley is completely fascinated by water. We used to grow grass for the cats to chew on in a long square planter, and whenever I watered it he would stare at the soil, fascinated, smelling it, pawing at it. As the grass started to sprout he became all the more fascinated. I think he sensed a connection between the water and the grass growing.

Wait for it … Wait for it …

He’s totally psycho for anything that bubbles. When I put the fresh water out he waits patiently as the bowl fills up, and as soon as the air gets sucked back into the bottle he attacks it with both front legs. It happens two or three times before the bowl fills completely. It’s a regular ritual, every evening when the water is changed — he never seems to get tired of it.


Sometimes I put an ice cube in the water to amuse him and he watches it, occasionally gently pawing it, until it’s completely melted.

He’ll also sit by the little humidifier for hours, waiting for the same bubble effect, happens about every 20 minutes.

Wait for it … Wait for it …

I love my kitty!!



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