Campaign Button: "Bernie Fucking Sanders"
Caucus-Day Selfie!

Some kids on Facebook last fall berated me for posting some pro-Hillary shit by saying that my fellow “Nu-Left”[ists] and I couldn’t accept Bernie because he was “too liberal”—and that the world would be a better place when all the old liberals like me were dead and gone. Aside from the logical absurdity of wishing all the old liberals dead for not supporting an even older liberal, I felt compelled to point out that,

●  I was a Bernie delegate to our caucuses, and would happily have drunk a bucket of Trump’s piss if it would have made Bernie President;

●  I paid dues to the Socialist Party before they were ever born, and fall so far to the left of Bernie that he seems more like a humane centrist to me than much of a “Leftist” at all; and

●  He’s a United States senator—how much of a “Leftist” did they expect the poor man to be?

Of course, all this was supposed to mean that voting for Hillary was some kind of betrayal. Fair enough. But the poor kids didn’t seem to have the mental capacity to consider the consequences of abstaining as a sort of protest.

So it wasn’t just the stupidity of the Trump voters that got us into this mess. A really shitty public education system clearly is in the best short-term political interests of the Right Wing. They’re sick, nihilistic bastards, happily selling their soul to the nearest Russian despot for a chance to extract every cent they can from the commonweal, and go laughing all the way to the off-shore bank. Pence and the Republican Senators who still won’t stand up to Trump are cynical, hypocritical cowards complicit in the rape of our economy, overwhelmingly to the detriment of the most vulnerable among us. And those silly kids played right into their hands.

In an appendix to Wages, Prices, and Profit, Karl Marx said that in the U.S., there was no need for revolution since a democratic constitution was already in place—it only remained to change policies to make it benefit the People. And a hundred years ago much valuable progress was made toward that end. Hence, when we finally became discouraged enough that we were willing to demolish American civilization, it was to reform it for the sake of human decency, not suck it dry and leave it for dead.

People tell me I need to “let go”—but of what?—(d)emocracy? and the Rule of Law?




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