Jesus Really Does Not Want to Nuke Us!

I’ve written a lot about Christian evangelical apocalyptic religion on my blog, especially lately. As I said in a post from about a month ago, “Whenever actual nuclear war looms, I get nervous about the inexplicable longing for ultimate destruction that many American Christians hold dear, that often seems to get inflamed in response to heightened nuclear tensions.” In the meantime, within a few days those tensions began mercifully to seem overblown, especially compared to the horrific days of Ronald Reagan and the Cold War. Then  our freakish child-leader Trump barked about how ready we are just blithely to wipe North Korea off the map. And their freakish child-leader barked back in fucking ominous tones about doing likewise.

I know I tend to be as brutal as I am fascinated when it comes to apocalyptica, and I know that a few of the (very few) people who read my stuff hold beliefs of that ilk. And I’m sorry if my ideas offend you. We have an unwritten agreement in American Public Discourse that whenever anyone declares something to be an aspect of their personally held religious beliefs, it is immediately off limits for discussion, let alone criticism, let alone brutal denunciation.

But evil is evil. When religious people fantasize about the horrific annihilation of all life on earth, it’s their business. But when those beliefs begin to sway actual public policy, we have to call them out. So here it is: Apocalyptic Christianity amounts to a deep, religious longing for global annihilation, that many evangelicals equate with nuclear war. And that would be just dandy if people who sincerely held those sincerely-held beliefs didn’t have their fingers directly or indirectly on The Button—or at the very least, hold a good deal of sway over those that do.

SO PLEASE NOTE: Jesus does not want to nuke us, nor does he want his “divine representative on Earth,” (as some have called him to my face, without irony), Donald Fucking Trump, to do it for him. Get that evil, ugly, nihilistic, delusional, bullshit apocalyptic so-called “Christianity” out of your head before it kills you. Before it kills us all.

Thank you for your time.



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