Seen on Facebook …

A woman posted this on a Facebook “Cause” page called REMOVE “f**k Jesus Christ” in Facebook this is antichrist, and its hurting us Christians:

Well Who Ever Came Up With This You Had Better Believe There Going To HELL The Crap That People Come Up With Anymore Are So Unintelligent,I Love My God & His Holy Son Jesus Christ,God Bless You All That Do Believe In A Higher Power   : )   : )    : )   : )

I suppose I’m a snob, but I have to shake my head when someone derides other people’s “intelligence” in language like that.


Update, four months later …

Listen—suddenly tonight I’m seeing this differently. In fact it’s amazing that a person with literacy skills as fundamentally deficient as that can publish her opinions to a global audience. That she can even use the Internet is a testament to the general usability of browsers, social networking sites, and so forth. Four months later I am reading this with a great deal of respect. What happened?


7 thoughts on “Seen on Facebook …

  1. Steve, Steve, Steve. I thought your blog would be about literacy and the democratization of media. I was disappointed. I did read a great deal of the material on your blog however and found it interesting.

    So folks, this Steve fellow has a way over the top religion blog that he uses to save people from hell fire. Seems he considered my post to be evidence of my personal status as an individual in need of salvation.

    This is a little off the mark since my post was neutral to the religious content of the lady's post. If I had intended to comment on that, I would have said that I appreciated the FUCK JESUS CHRIST site for its straightforward simplicity. All it does is link to a video of a rational, reasonable, calmly delivered statement—(though deep-seated anger seethes just below the surface, and seeps out in stingingly cerebral sarcasm)—that is critical of the Catholic Church for their handling of the sex abuse issue. By railing against it in offensive and sometimes violent language, threatening the author with death, etc., it sounds very much like the upstanding Christian citizens who responded to it actually approve of priests, ministers, pastors, (or whatever you call them), having sex with little kids all the time. He doesn't say so openly on his blog, but I have to wonder if that's the real reason Steve wants to save my poor damned “unelect” ass? (Though that's a misnomer since his writings smell more like evangelical fundamentalism than Calvinism.)

    O.K. different topic.

    There was a Supreme Court Case in Washington State in the 80's hinging on the credibility of testimony by very young children, where the judges ruled that such testimony is especially credible when it includes information a child couldn't get except by direct experience. The testimony in question included the statement, “Daddy put his potty in my mouth and icky milk came out.” A toddler just can't make that up.

    So anyway, I thought ICKY MILK would be a fantastic name for a hardcore band. The meaning and implications of it are packed in so tightly—it's practically a two-word poem all by itself. You might describe it as “pregnant” with meaning, except that it had to have been tasted to make sense—and that no one old enough to get pregnant would use that language anyway.

    O.K. different topic.

    So yeah—here's a line from one of my favorite all-time songs:

    “I'm a bad motherfucker don't you know,

    and I'd crawl over fifty good pussies just to get to one fat boy's asshole”

    Said Stagger Lee

    You have to wonder what could possibly have prompted the Roman Catholic Church to start taking priest lessons from Stagger Lee???


  2. “So folks, this Steve fellow has a way over the top religion blog…”

    Well, to you, it's way over the top. To Steve, I assume it's completely appropriate. As an atheist, I get criticized a lot for being over the top in the opposite direction, so I would just say: to each his own.


  3. Pope Francis is a real breath of fresh air, but I still wonder wonder if many in the Roman priesthood simply don't get how seriously people out here in the world consider child abuse. This might be a legitimate way to think about it: if a person just about 50 years older than someone had a strong influence on them in the church, and that person had someone 50 years older than they were, etc., you could trace a line back to Jesus of just 40 or so individuals. Not really very many. Yet, in those early times, what we call “abuse” of a young boy by a priest might have been a faux-pas, a venial sin ; something non-Christians might do as a matter of course, but unseemly (though not at all criminal) for a Christian.

    Well I've known priests who joined seminary at age 12 and literally never saw TV again. I often think of my old friend Father Krall who used to pick me up in a different, brand new, upscale car every week for rehearsals for the Gregorian chant group he and I were in. I commented offhand about how each of those cars cost roughly the same as my annual salary on campus, and was taken aback when he said, “Really? How much does one of these things cost?” It surprised me that a 50 year old man in our society had no idea what a car like that might cost … maybe $1,000, maybe $100,000. Or what professional librarians in a university would typically get for a salary. Many of these guys were isolated in that subculture from childhood — a subculture with its origins, just 40 “people” ago, in a world in which diddling kiddies was a faux-pas rather than a crime. I may be completely off base in this ; and yet, both the perpetrators and their superiors seem only just now to be catching on to the sensibilities of society at large in this respect. None of this would excuse them if it's true, but it would go some way toward explaining it.

    So yeah, I was surprised to learn that Mr. Fundie Wants to Save My Soul seemed to think ministers of every stripe should take divinity lessons from Stagger Lee, but hey. It's not for me to judge!


  4. You know I am treating this issue somewhat flippantly but I do want the one or two of you that may stumble upon this to know, in actuality I take it very seriously. Some years ago one of my lawyer friends, a G.U. grad, killed himself in a car in the parking lot of the church where the priest who abused him a decade or more before was still the rector. And I know his case was just one in thousands. It is all just SO UGLY. So as I read this stuff back it seems like I was trying to be humorous, but I want to be clear that it is sarcasm arising from feelings of anger and disgust. So so ugly.


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