Brace for Impact


October 2017, baby! That’s the ticket.

David Meade predicts that Planet X/Nibiru will collide with Earth In October 2017

“Nibiru … according to the pseudoscientific ideas of Zecharia Sitchin, [is] the name of a “twelfth planet” in the Solar System with a highly eccentric 3,600-year orbit that periodically comes close to the Earth, causing cataclysms. Sitchin based his claims on creative (mis)translations of ancient Sumerian texts and on no-less-creative interpretation of ancient Sumerian images.

“The word Nibiru does in fact refer to a planet known to the ancient Sumerians. This planet is more commonly known as Jupiter, and is not expected to collide with the earth anytime soon….

“After Nancy Lieder’s Planet X fiasco in 2003, [her imaginary planets became conflated with Sitchin’s,] and were peddled by various individuals as a cause for a 2012 apocalypse…. Now, David Meade is recycling Sitchin’s “apocalypse” with a prediction that Planet X/Nibiru will collide with Earth In October 2017.”

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